BRONZE DIES? Here are the answers to some pressing questions!

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We would like to clarify the use of the terms “BRONZE DIES”, which is very much in vogue today, although they are almost always used wrong.

In the collective imagination, the terms “BRONZE DIES” is associated with a type of processing that evokes quality and makes the final product particularly coarse. Actually, small commercial dies are not BRONZE DIES, as many manufacturers claim, but are made of brass. The term bronze die, therefore, is often misused for commercial gain and enhanced reputation.

My Trafile, as a brand of Trafile Turconi S.r.l, has always adopted fair and transparent business practices with its customers, without deceiving them or using marketing strategies that could mislead or deceive the consumer, and has never improperly used the term BRONZE DIE.

We make our dies from certified metal alloys suitable for contact with foodstuffs (Reg. EC 1935/04) according to the MOCA (Material and Articles in Contact with Food) Declaration of Conformity.

These alloys have good machinability and a lower cost than bronze, enabling us to supply the consumer with high-quality dies for coarsely-drawn pasta at affordable prices.

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