SHAPE YOUR LOVE: Heart Macaroni Pasta die

Pasta realizzata con le trafile a forma di cuore

The most romantic day of the year is coming and My Trafile can already feel the love in the air: for this reason, we decided to introduce some new pasta shapes to our catalog that can give shape to your love!

New heart pasta dies

The new Valentine’s Day pasta dies are:

  • Heart Macaroni N°462
  • Heart Macaroni N°464

These new dies are designed for Philips Pasta Maker and Classe Italy Pastaio, and your pretty heart-shaped pasta will put a smile on your loved ones’ face.

Le nuove trafile sono compatibili con macchine casalinghe Philips Pasta Maker e Classe Italy Pastaio.

AOn Valentine’s Day (or any other day of the year) these dies will always come in handy to show your love in a creative way with a good pasta meal.

What are you waiting for?

La Trafila Linea Pro N° 462 Maccherone a cuore vista frontalmente
Pro Line Die N°462 Heart Macaroni
La Trafila per Pastaio N°464 Maccheroncino a cuore vista frontalmente
Pasta die for Pastaio N°464 Heart Macaroni
La trafila Linea Pro N° 464 Maccheroncino a cuore vista frontalmente
Pro Line Die N°464 Heart Macaroni

Remember that all Pro Line dies are directly compatible with Philips Pasta Maker Avance, 7000 series and the dies for Pastaio can be used only on the Classe Italy Pastaio machine.

For additional information, visit our product pages or contact us via email or Whatsapp!

Shape your pasta, Shape your Love!

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